The seed

The seed is planted. Passion is the most important thing to start with anything. Whatever you like you can start it. As long as there is passion. Almost in anything that you do the word passion comes back.

I have passion not only for the sport but for everything concerning the sport as well. Meaning I like to eat healthy, take care of my body, take care of everything because I have passion for fencing.

This beautiful sport is underrated in my eyes and by some seen in a very negative daylight. People tend to see this as one of those rich man sports and look down upon it. While in reality this sport is dangerous and you need to act very fast to make a good match. When you are ‘slow’, slow in speed and slow in mind then you will never win and you will never enjoy it. Then of course it’s easy to talk bad about a beautiful sport as fencing.

Here in Russia I have the opportunity to grow and start something very cool. Time will tell how good I will turn out to be and if I can qualify for something special and well mentioned.

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